Primer Issue 4

Designing magic is hard. In the world of Spectra there are sentient animals that are capable of conducting magic themselves. One such creature is the Poppy, an analog of Red Pandas. Poppy are capable of using magic, it is one of the tools that the player will use in Poppy Sanctum to solve puzzles. One […]

Primer Issue 3

Visuals are coming along. One element I’m having trouble balancing is the amount of dithering I’m using on certain shaders. Currently it feels very noisy, so I need to tone that down. Visual Rabbit Hole First Poppy t-shirt has come in and it looks great! Printful does a great job with printing. On another note, […]

Primer Issue 2

Day/night cycle is coming along. Got a script online that essentially moves the world directional light around along with changing the light-source color, I modified it to also adjust the lighting system’s ambient color. The result is a pretty nice transition of colors that can be altered for seasons and other gameplay aspects. Also, it […]

Primer Issue 1

Welcome to the first dev log for Poppy Sanctum. I’ve been working on this game for around a year, so these logs are a bit late.