Shadows of Memory (Mage-Cult)

Time is one of the oldest magics in the world of Spectra, it’s mage-cult has seen the world from the beginning to it’s current state. The members of this cult are unlike anything else in Spectra. Their physical forms take on the likeness of a mage, but they are able to manipulate that at conception.


With the ability to manipulate time, Shadows of Memory are the most powerful cult of the mages. One of the distinct features of these people are their physical appearance. With bodies made up of a sponge-like texture and gaseous-plasma like crystals growing all over, they are a sight. It is said that they use the crystals to communicate. These crystals have a secondary use as well. They can pluck the crystals from their body and turn them from a plasma to a solid state, rendering them for use as a weapon.