“Studying only the end result of a spell cannot grant a mage true understanding. One must delve deep into the reasoning of magic, itself.”

King Solace of Spectra A.S.M 152


A high-concept fantasy world built around the premise of magic as a driving force for adaptation.


Documenting and developing stories, characters, art, games, apparel, accessories, and other wares based on the world of Spectra. It is told through the narrative of a cult that modernized through the use of time. They are know in its history as ‘The Candle Makers’.


Spectra is a world driven by survival of the fittest through magical adaptations.

The world is divided in half: one side composed of mage-cults holding onto the old ways of magic-conduction. The other half is a new civilization rapidly advancing with tools to fight for their survival.

The up-rise that brings us here begins with the practice of synthetic magic. Unknown for decades but observed, this state-conduction allows for the manipulation of the basic properties of magic.

It is developed after a mirror-like comet strikes in the region of Spectra’s main island. Its true nature revealed by reflecting the very air around it. The rock was mined and used to create a new way of life.