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Poppy is the name of an endangered species. They're also known as Red Pandas outside of Spectra. Their Sanctum protects them from magical-poachers, but its full of curious puzzles.

Puzzle adventure game featuring Red Pandas escaping a magical sanctuary.

An action/adventure RPG.

The Mirra Conflict

Before the kingdom of Spectra, warring mage-cults ravaged the land. Using the might of old magic to seek dominance over each other, their ability to conquer was unmatched. This cycle was broken by the will of a new people, one that would see all mages given the promise of safety.

Rose Faction is the story of this struggle…

Articles of the Primer

Sea Spirits (Mage-Cult)

These dwellers of the sea are descendants of Ground-Swellers. They have adapted to the ocean and thus control the parameter of Spectra. Though they have a command of the sea, they do not attack land-dwellers unless they trespass. Abilities With the ability to control hydrodynamics, the Sea-Spirits are powerful. They are able to move entire […]

Primer Issue 4

Designing magic is hard. In the world of Spectra there are sentient animals that are capable of conducting magic themselves. One such creature is the Poppy, an analog of Red Pandas. Poppy are capable of using magic, it is one of the tools that the player will use in Poppy Sanctum to solve puzzles. One […]

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