Thieves are not very common and often maligned in the kingdom. They can be recruited outside of most smaller towns and villages.

Abilities and Equipment

Gravity Magic

Thieves tend to stick to one type of magic, gravity. While they aren’t incredibly adept at the skill, they use the magic to great benefit in stealth.


The thief’s first mode of offense is long-range bow/arrow with gravity magic applied. This allows for incredible shot distances and maneuverability when used with a rope.

Their second, last-resort is a small dagger.

Spectra Orb Illustration

The thief has one orb. With a loose understanding of gravity magic, they use it to shoot arrows very far ranges.


While they do not lend well to close-quarters combat, they do have many skills that make up for their short-comings. Stealth, Agility, Insight, and Will make the thief a great companion in seeking treasure, people, and other essential needs.