One of the newer discoveries of synthetic magic was its ability to pinpoint specific effects in others, specifically with Corporeal magic. A class of soldier was developed around this principal called Enchanter, they have the ability to cause ailments to enemies and status boosts to allies. They are specialist and have to be recruited at Spectra Castle.

Abilities and Equipment

The study of atmospheric magic for Enchanters is to carry their spells in the air to their opponent without the need to be close or touch the enemy.

Corporeal Magics are used with a prism to compose new types of magic as status boosts for allies and ailments against enemies.

Essentia magics are used to cause ailments to the enemies’ spirit.

Enchanters carry up to three spectral-orbs depending on their skill level.

As one of the only two job-classes that carries a spectral-prism, enchanters use them to refract magic on the fly.

Their only piece of armor is an arm-piece that allows for conduction.