A class of mage that can control both gravity and temporal magic.

The only type of mage which can dawn the title ‘Phantom’ are those who have lineage from both the time cult and gravity cult. They are recruitable in The Candle Maker town.

Abilities and Equipment

Conducting gravity-waves allows the phantom to move about the world in any direction. Outside of movement, Phantoms are capable of creating gravity wells and other dimensional spells.

With the ability to manipulate time the Phantom can grant boosts to allies like ‘speed’.

Phantoms wear a special poncho that allows for flight. The Poncho has wires of Spectralium sewn throughout. The poncho also has two hookups for orbs. The mask attached to the hood allows for Phantoms to sense gravity waves and spot time-magic.

Phantoms have two spectral-orbs on them at all times. Each orb contains one type of magic: gravity or time.