The Eight Arms of Magic

Spectra is composed of eight magics, they are the guiding forces of existence for the world. Every being has the ability to conduct and use these magics, however some are born more natural at it than others.

The Four Constants


A broad term that covers both flora and geological elements. The magic of nature allows for the manipulation of the ground and biomass that grows on the land.


A type of magic that allows for the manipulation of thermodynamics in a given system. It is most commonly associated with the usage of fire. However it is not limited to just that. A highly skilled user of this magic can raise or lower the temperature of an area with enough focus.


The manipulation of fluid dynamics of any type. In Spectra, users of this magic are mostly limited to the oceans, rivers, and lakes that exist in its lands. Truly powerful mages of its practice can pull the very particles of liquid from all things.


The manipulation of atmospheric properties. Early mages learned this type of magic from ancestral birds. The practice has remained with mages limiting their abilities to simple wind dynamics.

However, mastery of this magic allows for the creation of fog, clouds, and even the removal of air.

The Nonexchangeable


In the world of Spectra, time is the observation of events. Time is recorded in crystals that can be accessed by anyone able to manipulate time magic. The race of mages closely associated with time are the only ones able to create time-crystals. A time crystal is an observation of events that are recorded into a physical medium. A time crystal can be opened and entered allowing the mage to travel to that specific point in time.

Time magic can be cast on a local and astral scale.


Gravity is observed by mages in the form of waves. The Valley of Constant, a Mage-Cult can sense and manipulate the subtle changes in the attractive-force, magic and even reverse it to repel.


Also known as ‘spirit’ or ‘demise’. The magic of Death is a common misnomer in Spectra as it’s most commonly associated with the passing of a spirit from a body. Essentia is the spirit of sentient entities. It allows for the reanimation of the corporeal form.


Refers to a type of magic that is restorative to the physical being, the flesh and blood. This magic is purely effective on living things and cannot be transferred to inanimate objects like rocks, or non-spirit dwelling forms.

Life magic is always an exchange between the mage and others. For example: a mage heals a soldier’s missing finger, it is an equal exchange that the healer would lose something in return.