Spectralium & Mirra-Metal

There are two materials driving the modernization of Spectra.


The combination of two components: a brass-like metal for its conductive properties and an element called rhenium for its ability to resist the degradation caused by magic. Together these create the alloy which was later deemed Spectralium.

The alloy is an ancient secret, discovered long ago by the Running Flame. It has allowed the cult to survive for quite some time by bartering with the alloy.


Deemed ‘Mirra’ for its mirror-like appearance, this pearlescent rock came from the stars. It was discovered by the first king of Spectra. He sought to use this metal to gain freedom from the oppressive cults.

The metal itself holds an incredible power with its ability to reflect magic. However, it is difficult to harvest and refine. The rock acts like an tightly structured liquid, only giving under extreme pressure. Because of this, it has become valuable and turned into a currency for the kingdom.