Elemental Knight

One of the first knights to rise from the development of synthetic magic, the Elemental Knight is much weaker but has variety on it’s side. Training as an elemental takes years of dedication as learning each type of magic can be extremely difficult and physically tasking.

Abilities & Equipment

Natural Magics are the Elemental Knights primary tool.

Energy Magic is a secondary weapon due to its volatility.

Atmospheric Magic grants the Elemental knight the ability escape dangerous situations.

Used a defensive tool, hydro magics create a barrier between the knight and it’s opponent.

The Spectral-Armor of an Elemental Knight allows for many different uses. It acts as a conduction system for the knight as well as a defensive tool. The helmet in particular grants the knight magic-sight.

An Elemental Knight can carry up to 4 spectral orbs for various types of magic emission. The spectral orb is their primary tool of combat.