One of the rarest studies of magic, the Guardian is capable of creating fields that help deflect certain types of attacks. They can be recruited only at Castle Spectra.


Abilities and Equipment

The guardian wears a full suite of Spectralian armor. This allows them to create a large field of their spells. The armor also helps protect in melee combat.

While the guardian does not have a weapon, they do carry an oversized shield for quick magic deployment. The front of the shield fitted with a magic switch that allows for shifting from one spell to another.

With four Spectra-orbs at the ready, the amount of spells the guardian can cast are great and makes for a formidable defense when faced against multiple mages.

Of course, in order to make each spell, the guardian needs a prism to refract the magic.

The guardian uses gravity magic to build a force around itself and allies.

While gravity is used to build the force, energy magic is used to reinforce the field.