Mirra Knight

Around the time of the first king, a class of soldiers were created called Mirra Knights. They were given the task of protecting towns and eradicating ancient civilizations of mages know as the Cults of Magic.

Utilizing Mirra-Metal for their weapons and armor due to its nature of reflecting all magics, they became the frontline of Spectra Kingdom’s rise.

These knights go through a de-binding process that allows them to transfer a certain amount of their spirit to Metamers, or objects that allow for their spirit to be stored outside of their body. Each town has a specific Metamer that knights use to bind with. The de-binding process allows for their body to be destroyed and resurrected through their Metamer.

When someone goes through this process, their G.M.S. (Genetic Magic Structure) is stripped to one type of magic (Spirit). The spirit is then divided between the being (10%) and their Metamers. Because of de-binding the knights are unable to conduct magic.

Abilities and Equipment

A mirra-blade is the knight’s number one offense. It can reflect some of the most powerful magics. The hilt of the blade holds the knight’s metamers which keeps them safe.

The standard issue for armor is a cloak/pauldron combo. The pauldrons are made of mirra-metal and the cloak is a thick material adding extra protection.

Mirra-Knights are trained, experienced members of the royal class with competent understanding of all weaponry. The knights also have metamers which allow for their complete revival without a summoner or mage.