Spectra Kingdom

The Kingdom of Spectra spans to all corners of the large island, and even beyond to the northern isles. It’s inhabitants are able to explore and enjoy every village and town in the kingdom. However, there is always the threat of being attacked or kidnapped by one of the mage-cults. The kingdom itself is composed of 4 villages/towns and the main castle.


Village Rose

As one of the larger towns, its a place for trade and raising family. Some of the most historic knights are from Rose.

The Candle Makers

Founded before the construction of the Castle, the candle makers is a place for information of Spectra’s past. It is a smaller town that made history by creating the first primer of knowledge.

Beetle Farmstead

An incredibly important component to Spectra’s success, the Beetle farmstead provides food and transport to the kingdom. It’s also a sanctuary to the highly-poached Poppy.

Prism Factory

The factory is a place where most of the Kingdom’s weapons are manufactured. The location allows for protection against most of the mage-cults by being located on the northern isles. It’s also where a large Tephrite deposit is.


Built atop the falling-star Mirra, the Spectra Castle houses the Royal guard, King, and their immediate kin.